About Us

The Unscene Productions was officially established in March 2014 as a non-profit organization, with the aim of growing and uniting the local South African alternative music scene by organizing live music events, gatherings and other scene related activities.

The organization has grown over the last 2 years, with notable accomplishments with our all-ages events as well as our free entrance shows and other ventures in between. Currently The Unscene is moving toward further expansion, establishing a brand and pursuing larger projects, all with the aim to be more able to support South Africa’s local alternative community. These changes will allow us to continue to aid the scene, it’s musicians, fans and venues in any way we can for the foreseeable future.

The Team

One of the biggest factors behind the refreshed approach is most definitely the assembly of the new Unscene Team.
Patrick, Aurora, Sonia, Brent, Lizzy, Max and Jessica have all stepped up and decided to put their faith in this organization whilst carving their names into its crest with additional input and invaluable contributions to future goals and objectives.
Each team member has been carefully selected and the team now boasts a range of talents and experience in fields such as sound engineering, event organizing, printing, graphic and web design, admin and plain old ladies’ men.

Rebrand and brand establishment

This relaunch of The Unscene Productions is part of an effort to establish ourselves as a distinctive entity within the community.

We have adopted the slogan “It’s In Your Blood” to embody and communicate to people invested in the scene that their interest and passion automatically makes them a part of a larger community of people who come together to share these same interests. It emphasizes our support for the community and our desire to welcome anyone who is attracted to the dark side to get involved and enter a place where they fit in.

As part of our refreshed image and brand we are broadening our visibility and presence on the web, social media and other public avenues.
These efforts are all with the aim to reach more members of the community and also to support and stimulate a following for local bands.

The future is already looking bright red for the local music scene and we will be there, pushing, encouraging, supporting and exposing our ever-blossoming alternative music culture to the public.

The Unscene Productions, because it’s in your blood \m/

The Unscene Team